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  1. Repudiate (refuse to pay) unconstitutional debt not approved by voters
  2. Stop  the pension scam.   Cap public pensions at $50,000 per year.   No more pensions for part-time politicians
  3. Distribute the Property Tax Relief Fund (Money collected from the State Income Tax) equally to every school district in the state
  4. Cut all tolls to collect only enough money to repair and maintain the the roads, tunnels, and bridges being used. Use Delaware Bridge tolls to complete Route 55 and Make Route 40 a  four lane divided highway.
  5. Stop padding electric bills in New Jersey with corporate welfare and  “societal benefits charges” 
  6. Cut the high price of insurance in New Jersey by getting rid of “fee shifting”  laws that reward lawyers who bring bad cases by giving them big fees when they recover little or nothing for their clients
  7. Make all laws fair, simple, and apply them equally to everyone. If laws are bad for some people, repeal them for everyone.   Complicated laws that give special deals to a few insiders create government that is expensive and corrupt. As Republican President Grant said 145 years ago, the best way to get an unjust law repealed is to vigorously enforce it.
  8. Enforce immigration laws.   Teach and encourage legal immigrants to learn English, and understand  and appreciate America’s culture of  liberty and Constitutional government
  9. Punish government officials who break the law, not innocent taxpayers, for corruption and misconduct.
  10. Post all government and public school salaries, contracts, and payments on the internet.
  11. Hold frequent binding and non-binding votes on issues of public importance.
  12. Let each individual make the important choices affecting his or her own life. Don’t force any employee to join a union or pay dues to any organization to keep his or her job. Don’t force government agencies and public schools to only hire union companies. Let parents apply their children’s share of state public education money to the schools they choose for their children.
  13. Uphold the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
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