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Restoring Republican Principles

  • Seth Grossman graduated from Duke University and Temple Law School after completing public school in Atlantic City.   As a student, he worked every summer since age 14 from washing dishes to driving a cab.   He was in the  Army National Guard unit at the Atlantic City Armory for 6 years.
  •  Grossman started his own law practice in Atlantic City in 1975 and later moved to Somers Point.   He often takes difficult cases such as Steve Lonegan’s  second lawsuit to stop state government  borrowing without voter approval as required by the NJ Constitution.   The NJ Supreme Court did not stop borrowing by “independent” state authorities, but did order their loan documents to truthfully disclose that state taxpayers have no legal obligation to repay their debts.  Seth Grossman was the attorney for a charter school in Pleasantville.
  • Seth Grossman’s views on public issues are known and respected throughout South Jersey.   He  hosted talk radio programs on South Jersey’s leading stations since 2001.    In 2003, he founded,  an education organization that explains the meaning of New Jersey’s motto and how only basic principles of American liberty can put an end to New Jersey’s destructive “pay to play” political culture.      From 2009 to 2011, Grossman taught “Introduction to Government and Politics at Atlantic Cape Community College.    Grossman wrote a weekly political column  in the print and on-line editions of the  Current Newspapers of Atlantic County which was read by more than 50,000 people each week.
  • In 2008, Seth Grossman, Steve Lonegan, and dozens of others  displayed signs and distributed literature  outside a public “Town Hall Meeting” on a public sidewalk outside a public school to oppose Democratic Governor Jon Corzine plan to mortgage the Parkway and Turnpike and raise tolls by 700% .   Police and public school officials instructed them to stop, and they arrested both Lonegan and Grossman for “trespassing” when they refused.   All charges were dropped and apologies given when video of the incident went on the internet.   Public outrage over the incident led to the defeat of Corzine’s plan later that year—and  Corzine’s re-election bid the following year.
  • Seth Grossman represented Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders for three years after defeating the Republican incumbent in the June 1988 primary election by a single vote.
  • Seth Grossman was elected to City Council of Atlantic City in 1986 against the opposition of both the regular Republican and Democratic organizations. Grossman played an important part in putting together a coalition that controlled municipal spending and debt during his four year term.
  • Seth Grossman prepared a comprehensive study of local governments as an elected member of the Atlantic City Charter Study Commission in 1976 and recommended that Atlantic City adopt a non-partisan mayor-council form of government with seven council members.
  • Seth Grossman founded and led the Chelsea Neighborhood Association, the largest and most effective neighborhood organization in Atlantic City from 1975 through 1992.
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