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This site has been inactive since July, 2013. Please reach me at or on Facebook.

February 11, 2014

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I spent the first five months of 2013 speaking to conservative and “Tea Party” groups around the state.   My message was simple.   Chris Christie was toxic to conservatives, the Republican Party, and to the economy of New Jersey.

 At that time, I was urged by conservative leaders like Steve Lonegan and mainstream Republicans to be “practical”.   I was told that Christie was the most popular Governor in New Jersey history, and that we could achieve more by working with him.

 I warned that Christie was only popular because he made himself a “useful idiot” to the “progressive” left.   The media and the celebrities adored him for being a “different kind of Republican”  because he advanced the Democrat legislative agenda, insulted and marginalized conservatives, and went out of his way to re-elect Obama.   He did not say one word about how the minimum wage hike would hurt the NJ economy until the day after the election.

 I also predicted that the same “progressive” media and celebrities who built Christie up would tear him down just as quickly as soon as he was no longer useful.

 That all happened less than a year after I made those statement.    I am not running for political office this year, and this site is inactive. 

 However, I resumed my duties as Executive Director of    This is a non-profit, tax-exempt education organization.  We have two missions:   First, teach the basic principles of  American liberty and limited, constitutional government, and how New Jersey’s motto, “Liberty and Prosperity” worked for 200 years.    Second, teach the political skills needed to elect government officials who understand and apply those principles.

 We work with other groups around New Jersey who share similar ideas and goals.    You can contact me at or at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, New Jersey 08244.   My telephone number is (609) 927-7333.  You can also reach me at the Liberty and Prosperity or my personal Seth Grossman Facebook Page.

 Thank you for your interest.   Seth Grossman

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