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Please Vote TODAY! Christie is worried.

June 4, 2013

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Chris Christie’s last minute mail to supporters says “Christie has opposition–It is important to vote”.

Christie never mentions my name.

Neither do partisan Democrat newspapers like the Bergen Record or Newark Star Ledger.    Their purpose is to elect Democrats–not report news.

At first I thought these papers would cover my campaign because I would hurt Christie– a Republican Governor.

But now it is clear that Christie is the Democrat candidate.   Obama gushed over Christie, but snubbed Barbara Buono.   Obama’s big “George Soros” donors and Sweeney’s big unions are giving big money to Christie, not Buono.  And in return, Christie is making sure that Democrats keep control of both the State Senate and Assembly.   Christie even agreed to tear down the solid and free I-95 Bridge to Pennsylvania north of Trenton, so it can be rebuilt by high priced Democrat Union Contractors and paid for with new tolls.   The Democrats nominated Barbara Buono to be a distraction, not a serious candidate.  Her only job is to let Christie tell Republicans he is the “lesser of two evils”.

The Christie campaign, and the Democrat Record and Star-Ledger,  dare not mention my name, because that would undo their $6.2 million campaign fund and monopoly media advantage.

In this age of smart phones, just mentioning that Seth Grossman is a candidate against Christie means thousands of people will google “Seth Grossman” and quickly learn more about me and the issues that matter than anything in Christie’s slick campaign ads or in the partisan Democrat papers.

Voters will quickly find  my my web page.   When they click “About”  they learn how I have far more education, training, and government experience than Christie had when he become Governor.

When they click “Issues”, they learn how I apply the U.S.  and NJ Constitutions and basic principles of American liberty to the issues and problems of today.

They will also quickly find my Seth Grossman for Governor Facebook Page at

When they click, they read my column in the Asbury Park Press with the headline:  Grossman:  “Cut government down to size”.   (The headline originally read Grossman “Cut overweight government down to size”, but somebody had the headline changed in the online editions”.

When they click, they read my column in the Philadelphia Inquirer on how I am far more qualified than Christie to cut taxes and spending.

When they click:, they learn how important today’s Primary Election is.

Today is election day.   Please learn about me and the issues.  Then please vote for me, Seth Grossman for Governor.  The polls are open until 8PM tonight.   All independent voters can vote as well as Republican voters.  According to state law, you can’t be forced to join any Republican club or convention, or pay any dues.

Please also learn about all “unbossed” conservatives running with me “off the row” who also value Republican principles more than Soprano State politics.    In Atlantic County, please also vote for Marybeth Bennett for State Senate and Joe McDevitt for Freeholder.

In Hudson County, please also vote for the Hudson County Republican Club ticket Tony Zanowic and Mike Alonso for District 31 State Assembly; and Eric and Patricia Dixon for Republican State Committee.

In Burlington County, please also vote the complete  (Republicans4Burlco) ticket on Column 2.   Connie Hare Murray and Joe Siano for State Assembly, District 7.   Gary Jacques (pronounced Jakes) and W. Scott Fay for State Assembly, District 8, and Bill Moore, Sheriff, Stephen “Lance” Silver, freeholder, and Ashley Cameron and Bill Haney for Republican State Committee.

For list of other “Off the Row” Republicans running against the Regime, please click:

Then please vote for us at your regular polling place.    Because few people vote in Primary Elections, your vote today may have the power of 20 votes in November.  And if you can, please forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you for your consideration.     SETH GROSSMAN

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