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Election Night Statement of Seth Grossman after getting 8% of NJ Republican Primary Vote.

June 4, 2013

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At this time, it looks like with 87% of the votes counted, I got roughly 17,000 votes, or 8% of the vote, and Christie got roughly 187,000 votes, or 92%.

Before making this statement, I spoke with Michael Alonso, the Assembly Candidate who ran with me in Hudson County, and with Bill Haney, who ran for Republican State Committee with me in Burlington County.   We all share these views.

Christie had roughly $6.2 million of campaign funds.  He also spent $25 million of storm relief funds and millions of tourist and casino promotion funds for public relations.  He was covered constantly by all the major newspapers and radio and TV stations.   Christie also had his “Ask the Governor” radio program every month throughout the state–right up until the week before the election.   We think that when candidates and government officials spend enormous amounts of money on media, the news coverage is somehow affected.

I had a campaign fund of only $11,000, and could not get the Bergen Record, Newark Star Ledger, or NJ Radio 101.5 do even do a story saying that Christie had an opponent in the primary election named Seth Grossman.

I wish I had gotten more votes.  But the Jewish Talmud teaches that while we should all pray for miracles, we should never rely on them.

But even though I and my teammates  lost this election, I am still convinced that things will not get better in New Jersey or the rest of America, until we have more liberty, less government, and lower taxes.

I will therefore continue to work with other conservative and liberty groups around New Jersey to persuade our elected officials of both parties to move in that direction.

However, if  they fail to do so, I will do what I can to again run candidates in the primary elections of the Republican Party next year, and in every year after that,  until we succeed in turning  the Republican Party back into the party of liberty it once was.

To do that, I am prepared to start working on the next election much sooner, raise more money, and organize more people until we can persuade a majority of voters to support our candidates.

I thank you all for your support and encouragement.    Especially those of you who worked so hard to get those 1,360 signatures for my nominating petition.   And my $11,000 of campaign funds.  And of course I thank Catherine Boyce of Millville and Barbara Brown of Absecon who helped me reach so many people through Facebook.

Now I, and everyone who worked so hard with me needs time to rest, relax, and get our business and personal lives back in shape.    Thank you again for all you did.


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