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“I am far better qualified than Christie to shrink the size of government in NJ”

May 27, 2013

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For complete column published today in South Jersey section of Philadelphia Inquirer, click:

In 1986, I overcame Democratic and Republican opposition to win a seat on the Atlantic City Council. Two years later I became a county freeholder. But when I ran for mayor in 1990, Democratic and Republican leaders worked together to defeat me.

Since then, Republicans and Democrats have run New Jersey and Atlantic City their way. They have expanded the size of almost every layer of government. We now have some of the highest sales, income, and property taxes in the country. We also have high tolls, permit fees, small taxes on dozens of things, and hidden taxes that give us the fourth-highest electric rates in the country.

These taxes do little to benefit people. They mostly support complicated new laws that put almost every business in violation of something, and smother the economy with additional costs for lawyers, consultants, political donations, and endless lawsuits and permit applications.

There is nothing hard about fixing New Jersey’s economy. We can bring back the prosperity of the 1980s by bringing back the low taxes, simple laws, and the smaller government we had in those days.

For complete column published today in South Jersey section of Philadelphia Inquirer, click:

Primary Election Day in June 4.  You do not have to be a registered as a Republican to vote in Republican Primary on June 4.  Any independent voter can request a Republican Primary ballot at the polling place on election day.

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