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Enough Christie and Obama? Don’t get mad. Get even on June 4!

May 27, 2013

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Will you be in Asbury Park tomorrow when Christie gives Obama another man-hug?    Christie has it all figured out.   He knew the liberal media would make him a “rock-star” if he helped Obama get re-elected.   That is why he did way more than he needed to get the federal money we were entitled to.

Last week, Obama let Christie  spend $25 million of that storm relief money to promote himself on TV—and decide which “friendly” TV stations and ad agencies would get that money.

And so tomorrow, Christie will bail out Obama again.  Christie will give Obama “Republican” support at a time when even liberals are fed-up with his blatant misuse of the IRS.  And outrageous abuse of AP and Fox news reporters.

Christie is sure he will get away with this.    Christie made a deal with Democrat Senator Steve Sweeney and Assembly Democrats for Christie Republicans to take a dive so that Democrats keep control of the NJ Senate and Assembly.     That way,  Christie can keep blaming all of his failures on the Democrats.

In return, Sweeney Democrats picked Barbara Buono, a radical flake,  as their candidate for Governor so that Christie is easily re-elected as Governor.   To assure her defeat, they are not giving her enough money to run a serious campaign.

Besides, Why does Democrat Senate President and Ironworkers Union leader Sweeney evem need a Democrat as Governor.  Christie is giving him almost everything he wants!

Christie raised spending 17%,  and nearly doubled the debt.    He kept all of Corzine’s hidden taxes on our electric bills, Corzine’s 7% sales tax, and McGreevey’s double sales taxes on hotels, motels, and real estate transfers.    Christie doubled the tolls.   He grabbed income tax money that was supposed to give property tax relief, and kept McGreevey-Corzine “project labor agreements” that caused public schools and local governments to spend more and raise property taxes–and keep his Democrat union friends happy.

Christie thinks you have no choice but to vote for him.  He set things up so that Barbara Buono is even worse.  And that Christie is the
“lesser of two evils”.

But you do have a choice.   You can vote for me on June 4.    And you can let others know about me.   Call talk radio, write a letter to the editor, post a sign on your property, and tell everyone you know who I am and that you are voting for me on June 4.

Voters pay much more attention the week before the election.  If you can help me get more news coverage this week, I can get enough votes to put some big speedbumps on Christies’s road to the White House.

Four years ago, Christie got 180,000 votes and conservative Lonegan got 140,000 votes.     Lonegan was outspent more then 3 to 1 by Christie’s Wall Street money.

Right now, Christie has roughly $6.2 million of campaign money, plus the $25 million of federal storm relief money Christie is pending to promote himself.

If you help me get the word out and I get 50,000 votes with a grassroots, low money, minimal campaign staff, and media invisibility, we will make national news.   The whole country will then know what we already know—that Chris Christie is a fraud.

Tomorrow, I will be driving up Route 206 to file my campaign finance report.  Then I will be driving to Asbury Park.    My car will be stuffed with signs and literature.

If you can meet me in Asbury Park or anywhere along the way, please let me know.   I can stop and give you some signs and literature for your neighborhood.   Thanks.    Enough!    More information at   or Seth Grossman for Governor Facebook Page.

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