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Warm sunshine, great music and conversation–and $1,000 for the campaign in Somers Pt.

May 5, 2013

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Can’t thank Barbara Brown of Absecon and Catherine Boyce of Millville enough for putting together this afternoon’s fundraiser at Caroline’s Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point.   The 1,500 signs are in, the bills are paid, and we now have $1,000 in the bank. to continue the campaign.

Meanwhile,  Chris Christie just spent $1.2 million on slick TV ads that tell three big lies.

First, Christie says he cut taxes.   But he raised state spending by 17%,  put hidden taxes on our electric bills, and forced big property tax hikes in most Republican towns.

Second Christie says he fixed the economy.  But every week, we see “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs and closed shops, offices, and businesses that were open the week before.

Third, they say people are proud to live in New Jersey again—put United Van Lines says people are still moving out of NJ in record numbers.

Christie needs $1.2 million to spread his message of lies.  Help me spread our  truth for free.

We must repudiate unconstitutional debt and cut spending first, so we can then cut taxes and electric bills.   We must cap outrageous payouts that are draining the pension funds.   We must get rid of  “fee shifting” lawsuits that are driving out business.   Please let me know how I can get news articles and opinion letter in your local newspaper and “Patch”.

Please let me know how I can get this message into your local paper and “Patch” during the next 4 weeks.   Thanks.

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