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Enough! Please put my sign on your lawn.

May 3, 2013

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For the past five years, we held meetings and rallies, wrote letters and emails, and even testified before Assembly and State Senate committees in Trenton to say “Enough!”

Enough property, sales, business, hotel, and income taxes—and hidden taxes on electric bills.

Enough tolls, penalty, fine, permit, and license fees.

Enough needing help from a politician to get a good job or stay in business.

Enough “fee-shifting” lawsuits that pay lawyers more than their clients–with our money through higher taxes, insurance, and prices for everything we buy.

Enough insolvent pension funds that pay 1,500 political insiders more than $100,000 per year.

Enough police and prosecutors who dismiss gun charges against criminals—and politicians who punish and harass legal gun owners who obey the law.

Enough lies that tell us we are paying less in taxes, that the economy is better, and that there are plenty of good jobs..

When we said “Enough!” before, Democrats attacked and insulted us, while Republicans ignored us and failed to defend us.  Even though many of us hate politics, we have no choice but to learn politics, be candidates, and vote in low turnout, primary elections!   We don’t have to vote out every bad politician.    Voting out just one or two will quickly educate the rest.

We can make a difference.   Less than 50 years ago, NJ had no income, sales, or hotel taxes.    Anyone willing to work could find a good job and afford a good house.

New Jersey can be that way again .   If we say “Enough! with enough votes on June 4.    You don’t have to be a Republican to vote in the Republican Primary Election on June 4.  Independent voters are also eligible–and welcome!

Please put this sign on your lawn:  “Enough!   SETHGROSSMAN4NJ.COM.   Vote June 4!”    For details, please email me at   Thanks.

Seth Grossman

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