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Today’s gun control “hearings” in Trenton start Democrat campaign to take back U.S. House of Reps next year.

May 2, 2013

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State Senate “Law and Public Safety”  Committee holding its theater-hearings on about a dozen new “gun-control” laws in Trenton this morning.   Frank Fiamingo of is so right when he says the proposed gun legislation is about much more than guns. The proposed legislation in NJ is part of a national political and media campaign to (1) Make gun ownership unpopular and falsely blame lawful and capable gun-owners for the murder of children, (2) Introduce legislation carefully designed to appear “reasonable”, but which is also carefully designed to be so blatantly oppressive, discriminatory, and ineffective, that lawful gun owners are forced to publicly oppose it, and (3) Use video images of mostly white, older, males opposing “reasonable” laws to protect children (and criticizing the parents of murdered children) as a “teachable moment” that all conservatives, Tea Party members, Republicans, etc. are ignorant, violent, and must be isolated, ridiculed, attacked–and defeated at the polls. This is a classic propaganda technique first used by Lenin and the Communists in Russia in Germany in 1917, and perfected by Hitler/Goebbels and the Nazi’s in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Communists and Nazi’s took control of their countries because opponents did not understand their techniques and respond to them until it was too late.

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