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Stockton Students finally speak out, “Where’s Student Voice in our Tuition Increase?”

April 29, 2013

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Kristen Valenti wrote an excellent front page article in the 4/8/13 edition of the “The Argo”, the Stockton College newspaper, “Where’s the Student Voice in our Tuition Increase?” Stockton State College gets $18 million a year of state tax money for the purpose of keeping tuition down. But for years, Stockton has spent that money on pay-to-play favors for the usual gang of political insiders.¬†Then it stuck students and their families with big tuition hikes to $25,000–ridiculous for a taxpayer subsidized college. Students get a $10,000 per year education while the rest of their tuition bails out the failed Seaview Country Club, the failed Atlantic City Library renovation, the failed Dante Opera House in Atlantic City, the failed Next Gen project at NAFEC, etc. Can you help me reach out to Kristen Valenti and other Stockton State College students so we conservatives can get a voice on campus to stop this?¬†

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