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April 29, 2013

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For a lot of reasons, I am now posting on facebook at much more often than on this site.    Also, these Facebook posts are automatically tweeted to all Twitter followers of @Grossman4NJ.   Right now those posts are reaching 2,351 people each week.   I know this isn’t much when we need more than 160,000 votes throughout New Jersey to win on June 4.    But one month ago, we are only reaching 700 people each week.    Thanks to people like you, we have been reaching 200 new people a day during the past week.    If you forward those posts to your friends and ask them to reach out to their friends, we can have a solid base of more than 10,000 Facebook supporters by June 4 election day.   I also expect to get 1,500 lawn signs this week.   If you can post those signs in your area, we can bring thousands of others to this website.     The third element is to attract coverage from the mainstream newspapers and TV stations.   Right not, they are ignoring because they don’t think I am a “serious” candidate.

The mainstream newspapers and TV are “passive-agressive” journalists.    They run front page/prime time stories of waste in corruption in government.    But they won’t give any coverage to any candidate ready, willing, and able to stop it.   Why?    Candidates are not part of the pay-to-play government racket don’t get campaign money from the pay-to-play insiders, and therefore are not “serious”.

The only way to get around those ‘passive-agressive” journalists is to reach so many people through Facebook and Twitter, post so many signs, and post so many comments in the online editions of the mainstream papers and “letters to the editor” that they will be forced to cover me as a “serious” candidate.




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