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Had enough deals between Christie Republicans and Sweeney Democrats?

April 23, 2013

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Can you afford four more years of bigger government, more laws, more lawsuits, more taxes, more debt, higher prices, and fewer jobs?

1.   Their $2.35 billion of “tax relief for job creators” (bankrupt Revel Casino in Atlantic City, and American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, etc. were taxpayer gifts to a handful of insiders that make everyone else pay more.

2.    Real estate taxes are higher than ever.

3.  Christie can’t cut 7% sales tax or 6.65% income tax because state spending is 17% higher than under Corzine’s last budget.

4.  State debt and unfunded liabilities (i.e. future tax hikes) under Christie are at least $160 billion—far more than under Corzine.

5.  NJ’s pension funds are insolvent, and can only pay half of what public employees are promised.

6.  As Governor, Christie does the same “pay to play” politics that was done by the people he prosecuted when he was US Attorney.   (Like giving control of NJ’s public TV station to the son of  Newark Democrat power broker “Big Steve” Adubato.

7.  There was no investigation or punishment of the South Jersey Economic Development District (S.J.E.D.D.) officials who awarded $1.2 million of contracts with no appropriated money to pay for them.   Taxpayers from four counties had to bail out the agency instead.

8.  Their Board of Public Utilities (BPU) hikes our electric bills, while cost of national gas to make electricity goes down.

9.  Christie stopped NY Police Department from surveillance of  Muslims suspected of indoctrinating and recruiting young people for terror attacks.

10.  Christie and the Democrats did nothing to stop “fee-shifting” lawsuits from driving up cost of business, government, and insurance.

These problems are not complicated.   We don’t need experts or geniuses to fix them.   We just need honest citizens with courage and common sense.    I am running for Governor against Christie with a team of candidates for State Senate, State Assembly, Republican State Committee, and various county offices in Atlantic,  Burlington, and Hudson Counties who have these qualities.    Please learn more about us and help us during the next six weeks.   Together we can make a real Jersey Comeback!

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