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Christie refusal to enforce immigration laws, help NY Police monitor for Muslim terror puts us all in danger.

April 19, 2013

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Seth Grossman, conservative challenger to Governor Chris Christie in the June 4 Republican primary election criticized Christie for refusing to enforce immigration laws both as U.S. Attorney and as Governor, and for sabotaging efforts by the New York Police Department to monitor activities in the Muslim community for signs of terrorist indoctrination and recruitment.

Although it was obvious then, today’s events in Boston make even more clear that these policies have made New Jersey a much more dangerous place for all of us.

“This week’s events in Boston show the stupidity of allowing the legal immigration of thousands of foreigners who have been taught since childhood to hate everything about this country”, Grossman said.

“But to then allow some 15 million other illegal immigrants, including more than 600,000 in New Jersey alone is sheer insanity”, Grossman said.

“There is a direct link between the murder and maiming of innocent Americans in Boston, and the failure of politicians like Chris Christie to recognize the danger this policy creates.

“It is well documented that terrorist groups like Al Qaida have been spending the past 12 years in this country recruiting young men who don’t fit the profiles of the last batch of killers”, Grossman said.

“By ordering state and local police not to detain, arrest, or even question illegal immigrants, we make Al Qaida’s job ridiculously easy”, Grossman said.

Grossman also criticized Christie for interfering with surveillance activities by the New York Police Department in Muslim communities in New Jersey last year.

“The New York Police Department was doing an excellent job of protecting all of us”, Grossman said.   “ Christie should have quietly helped them, rather than publicly bash them and blown their cover”.

“The world is a dangerous place, but American can be safe.   But we must keep as many of our enemies as we can outside our borders”, Grossman said.   And we must encourage not just police, but ordinary citizens to keep a close eye on any possible enemy already in this country, without being falsely accused of bigotry or intolerance.”

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