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“You did an outstanding job!” That’s what the clerk at the NJ Board of Elections told me when she reviewed my nominating petition.

April 1, 2013

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But she was really talking about you.

There were 114 individual booklets with a total of 1,327 signatures.   Roughly 1,000 were collected by 74 individuals during the past three weeks.

Only one petition book containing 15 signatures was disqualified because the circulator was a registered Democrat.   That brought me down to 1,312.   However, Michael Alonso, a Republican Assembly candidate from Jersey City showed up with 24 signatures.   That brought me up to 1,336.

Only 5 signatures were lost.   The circulator of one book with 3 signatures forgot to sign and notarize the affidavit on the last page.   One petition book with two signatures came to my office by mail minutes after I left for Trenton.

In Atlantic County, I will be bracketed with Marybeth Bennett, Republican candidate for State Senate and Shae Dailyda.  Our slogan is“Restore Republican Principles”.   We will also support Joe McDevitt for freeholder.

In Burlington County, I will be bracketed with these six West Jersey Tea Party candidates and their slogan “Republicans4Burlco”:  Joe Siano of Burlington City and Constance Hare Murray of Moorestown for Assembly in the 7th Legislative District, and Scott Fay of Medford and Gary Jacques of Westampton, in the 8th Legislative District.     I will also be bracketed with Steve Silver of Medford for Freeholder and Bill Moore of Edgewater Park who is challenging incumbent Sheriff Jean Stanfield.     Ashley Cameron and William Haney are candidates for Republican State Committee.

In Hudson County, I will be bracketed with Michael Alonso and Anthony Zanowic for Assembly in the 31st District, and Eric Dixon and Patricia Dixon for State Committee.

A proposed “Tea Party” slate in Middlesex County did not obtain sufficient signatures.

I learned a lot about Atlantic County 2d District Senate candidate Marybeth Bennett during the long drive to and from Trenton.   Mary Beth Bennett is a sharp, articulate, and attractive 48 year old optician from Egg Harbor Township.   Her husband Bill installs and fits dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances into custom kitchens.

They both began attending breakfasts when they realized that bad government was forcing them to work harder to make less money, while being forced to pay higher tolls and property taxeshigher taxes and electric bills.     They were inspired by its new slogan, “Do more than vote!”

Mary Beth Bennett said she has nothing personal against her opponent, Sheriff Frank Balles.   But she said “Both Balles and Jim Whelan, his Democratic opponent, and both Republican Assembly candidates Chris Brown or John Amodeo all directly or indirectly depend on taxpayers for their salaries, benefits, and pensions.   Ordinary citizens who are struggling to pay higher taxes and electric bills with less income also need to be represented in state government”.

Bennett also said that drastic action is needed to make the state pension funds solvent, without giving our kids and grandkids big tax hikes to pay for it.    Bennett said, “We must repudiate (refuse to pay) unconstitutional debt not approved by voters in violation of our State Constitution.   This means we may have to cap  state pensions at $50,000.    And stop part-time politicians from ‘juicing up’ their pensions with high paying jobs just before they retire”.

Finally, I had a very interesting interview tonight with Wayne Dupree of    I reminded everyone that conservatives need to pay more attention to state constitutions.

Here in New Jersey, we must repudiate  (refuse to pay) any state government debt not approved by voters as required by Article 8, Section 2 that has been part of the NJ State Constitution since 1844.

If our state politicians think it is a good idea to “restructure” the debt of the Revel Casino, why not do the same thing for the outrageous debt that state government officials built up during the past 30 years without voter approval.

For more information, please go to or email me at

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