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Driving up to Trenton with 1,301 signatures–and challenger to Christie’s puppet for State Senate in Atlantic County

April 1, 2013

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That petition will put me on the June 4 Primary Election Ballot as a candidate for Governor against Chris Christie.

MaryBeth Bennett of Egg Harbor Township is driving up with me to file as candidate for State Senate against Christie’s anointed choice in the 2d District of Atlantic County.   Shae Dailyda will be filing as candidate for Republican State Committee.   We will all be bracketed together with the slogan – “Restore Republican Principles”.

Conservative Republican freeholder Joe McDevitt will also be running for re-election “off the line”.    We certainly support him.

We are running because Republicans deserve candidates with a commitment to traditional Republican principles.     Equal treatment for all with the same simple, common-sense and easy to understand laws and taxes for everyone.   No more Revel Casino bailouts for a handful of insiders, and years of high debt and taxes to pay for it.   No more laws that force people to join a union to get a job, or hire only a union contractor to get a job done.   Comply with the NJ Constitution and repudiate any debt not approved by voters in compliance with NJ Constitution.

I will be interviewed tonight on national conservative online talk radio by Wayne Dupree on at 8:15 P.M.   The link


The June 4 primary elections are very important.    All 40 state senators and all 80 state assembly members are up for election as well as the Governor.    Only New Jersey and Virginia have state-wide elections this year.   The whole country is looking at us.

I am disappointed that some of the largest tea party organizations did not even talk about these most important elections at any of their meetings during the past three months.   Some of them were “too busy” talking about nullification, planning April 15 rallies.  One was busy preparing for a May dinner-dance.

I am also disappointed that some of these organizations would not even let me speak at their January, February, or March meetings, so I could ask for help in getting the 1,000 signatures for my nominating petitions.

If I was a “superstitious man” like Vito Corleone in the movie “The Godfather”, I might get the idea that certain conservative or tea party “leaders” have personal interests or hidden agendas.  Why else would they be obstacles to those taking  effective political action that seriously threatens the power of current Republican leaders.    But I leave that for another day.

Right now, I want to thank the dozens of people from around the state who steped forward and filled the gaps left by those conservative and tea party “leaders”.   They collected more than a thousand signatures for me in just two weeks.    With that effort, we have the power to get a lot of votes on June 4.    Thank you.

I will be catching up on my business and personal life during the next few days, so I may not get back to you right away.  However, if you want to be active in helping me reach Republican voters and get the attention of Republican leaders during the next eight weeks, please contact me at    On to victory!

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