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Sweeney’s Democrat Ironworker’s Union takes over Atlantic County Republicans with ‘plomo o plata’. Christie gives his blessing.

March 28, 2013

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Popular two-term conservative freeholder Joseph McDevitt was ousted at Republican county convention in Egg Harbor Township last night.  He was replaced by Will Pauls, a  long time, high paid business agent for Democrat Steve Sweeney’s Ironworkers Union.   He holds his position at the pleasure of Sweeney.

Republican officials in Atlantic County now unanimously support Democrat Sweeney’s union agenda of more county spending and debt to build even more high-price, non-essential, union-only construction projects.  And more union dues for Sweeney.    Why?

In the past, the unions pushed through roughly $400 million of direct and indirect government bail-out money for empty Revel Casino, $254 million for empty Convention Center, $100 million for empty Boardwalk Entertainment Hall, $16 million for empty baseball stadium,,$30 million to rebuild, tear down and rebuild three bus stations and empty train station, $40 million for new vocational high school with auditoriums and stadiums to duplicate existing high schools, etc.   That does not include $600 million “Pulaski Skyway” over swamp to replace two small drawbridges between Somers Point and Ocean City.
Although the unions always got what they wanted in the past, they did not like dealing with conservatives like McDevitt who criticized or voted against their pet projects.   The AFL-CIO unions used to support only Democrats.   But during the past ten years, these unions offered “plomo o plata”  (lead or silver) to eliminate New Jersey Republicans who opposed them.

“Lead or Silver” is how Mexican drug gangs approach police who stand in their way.    First they offer bribes (silver).   But if a bribe is not taken, they offer lead—bullets.   They kill the police or their families.      That’s why these gangs are so successful.

In politics, nobody gets killed.   But the strategy is the same.   Go along with the union agenda, and you will be safely re-elected with union money and support.    Oppose us and you will be voted out in the next election.

Six years ago, the AFL-CIO unions did this with Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo in South Jersey.  LoBiondo was elected in 1994 with the as part of the conservative Republican “Contract for America”.   But ten years later, LoBiondo changed, and completely supported the AFL-CIO agenda—including trying to abolish secret ballot union elections.  Since then, these unions gave big donations to his campaign.  And made  sure Democrats never ran real candidates against him.   Now, the AFL-CIO is doing this at the state and county level.

When Christie wore the badge of these unions on the cover of Time Magazine and on national TV, he showed whose side he was on.  I am running against Chris Christie because he is part of this deal.    But I can’t fight this if I am not on the ballot.    Right now, I only have 1,034 signatures—not enough to survive a signature check.    If you have signed petitions, please get them to me right away.    If you did not yet circulate petitions, please try to get me 10 or 20 signatures by Sunday.   I must file 1,300 signatures in Trenton on Monday morning, April 1.   For more information, go to   Or contact me   Or please call me at (609) 927-7333.   Thanks.   Seth Grossman

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