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‘Unbossed’ Republicans in Hudson, Middlesex, and Burlington Counties forming tickets with us! Atlantic may soon join.

March 26, 2013

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Hudson County:   Michael Alonso confirmed that he is running for Assembly with a slate of  “unbossed” candidates with the slogan “Hudson County Republican Club”.    Hudson County includes Jersey City, Hoboken, and Bayonne).  They invited me to be part of that ticket and are helping me with signatures.

Middlesex County:  Angel Leon is running for State Senate with a slate of conservative Republican candidates in the 19th Districts of  Middlesex County.   Angel Leon invited me to be on that ticket, and is also helping me with signatures.

Burlington County:   Bill Haney and the West Jersey Tea Party are running running slates for State Assembly and other state and county offices.    They are also helping me get signatures so I can be on their ticket.

Cumberland-Cape May Counties:  Peter Boyce announced that he does NOT have the resources to run “off the row” in First District that includes Cape May County, and Millville, Vineland, and Maurice River Township of Cumberland County.   The Republican Chairmen of both counties lobbied hard to defeat Boyce at both county conventions,  even though he was by far the strongest and best qualified candidate.     However, Peter (or his wife Catherine) did help persuade Pastor Moore to let me speak about Passover at the Fairton  Christian Center yesterday.   And Peter (with the help of Dennis and Marrissa Mahon)  got me roughly 50 signatures after the Sunday morning service.

Atlantic County:   The eagerness of  Atlantic County Republican leaders to change the convention rules and to replace popular two term freeholder Joe McDevitt with longtime Democrat Ironworkers Union activist Will Pauls  shocked many in the Republican Party—but did not surprise to anyone who knows Chris Christie.  McDevitt and his supporters now have two choices.   They can quit when Pauls is picket by the rigged county convention.   Or they can help me get signatures and run in the June 4 Primary Election  on a ticket with me and other conservative Atlantic County Republicans.

It should be clear to everyone that a  handful of highly paid  pay-to-play career politicians in the 31 “Abbott”  cities propped up with 70% of our state income tax money and the NJEA Teacher’s Union run the Democrat Party in New Jersey.  And that big union “pay to play” contractors and leaders of the Construction Workers Unions who depend on expensive project paid for by the government–together with the Wall Street insiders who do the high profit bond deals that put the state deeply into debt–run the NJ Republican Party.

Both the Republican and Democrat parties are smothering the NJ economy with high taxes, big debt, lots of laws and regulations that insiders get exemptions for, and high electric bills.

The only way to change things is for ordinary citizens to take over on of these two”Big League” parties in the June Primary elections.    That is because “low information” voters don’t know about Primary Elections and only 5% of voters take part in them.   That means we have 20 times the voting power in June than we have in November.

As of Thursday, March 28, I only have 1,030 signatures.   I need at least 300 more by Monday to be safe, since some signatures will be disqualified.

If you have not signed or circulated a petition, please click and download and print the petition.    Any registered voter who voted in a Republican primary or who is an independent who has not yet voted in a primary election can sign and circulate my petition.

Everyone who circulates my petition must also sign the  petition, and sign the affidavit on the last page in the presence of a notary.

If you have any questions, or need help getting a signed petition notarized, an delivered to me, please email me at or call (609) 927-7333.    Thanks.

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