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Passover Story–‘Smart’ politics turned ancient Hebrews into slaves.

March 23, 2013

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Today I was asked to give a ten minute talk about the Jewish holiday of Passover during  the 10AM Sunday service tomorrow morning at the Fairton Christian Center.  The church is at 199 Fairton-Millville Rd in Fairton NJ 08320 (Cumberland County).   Some GPS’s put the church in Bridgeton.

Passover begins this Monday at sunset.  Jews begin the holiday with a special service during dinner at home called the “seder”.   It reminds Jews how God freed their ancestors from slavery in ancient Egypt.    During Easter, Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus during that same Passover holiday.

Most Jews and Christians already know that God had to make miracles to get the Jews out of slavery.

I would like to talk about the lesser known story of how the ancient Jews got into slavery in the first place.     In Sunday school, I was taught that the Egyptians were ungrateful making the Jews slaves after Joseph’s dream saved them from starvation.

But I will suggest that Pharaoh and Joseph were guilty of official misconduct when they bought up all the surplus grain during the seven good years at bargain-basement prices.   They should have should have shared their “inside” knowledge with the public that seven bad years of food shortages were on the way.

I will suggest that Joseph, as the Number 2 official in Egypt was also  guilty of official misconduct when he gave his brothers sweetheart deals on prime real estate in Goshen, complete with abatement.

But I think Genesis 47:15 describes the most short-sighted thing Joseph did to future generations of his people.  He made the top government officials of Egypt rich by breaking the backs of middle class farmers.  He forced all the farmers in Egypt to sell their land for food, and then pay Pharaoh a new 20% income tax just to farm their own land.

Would the ancient Hebrews have been better off  with liberty and equal protection under the law than having Joseph, their brother, inside the palace doing them favors?   .

The words of Exodus 1:8 are a warning to anyone who depends on the good will of politicians, rather than his or her own work, savings, and talent:   “A new king arose over Egypt who did not know Joseph”.

I will be away Monday and Tuesday for the Passover holidays.   To notarize and return petitions during those days, please call my secretary at 609-927-7333.    Or email me at

I am now holding 665 signatures, with 80 being held in Millville.   That is a total of 745.   Although the law says I need 1,000 signatures, I need 1,500 to be safe.

I  believe about 10 to 30 people are still circulating petitions.    That may leave me short.       If you have not yet circulated and signed a petition, please go and download and  print a petition.   Please  make sure you sign the petition yourself, and sign the affidavit on the last page in front of a notary public.    All Republican and independent voters not affiliated with any party are eligible to sign and circulate the petition.

Please return all petitions to me by Wednesday evening, March 27.

If  you have any questions, or problems reaching me, please email me or telephone (609) 927-7333.

I wish I could contact you in person to ask for your help and to thank you for what you have already done.  But I don’t have enough campaign funds for an office manager,   By the time I finish the office work, it is too late to call very many people.

The bright side is I have no political debts to repay—other than to you.   Thank you for your patience and your help.    And Happy Passover!

Seth Grossman

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