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Specific Examples: Christie is not standing up to the big unions who are killing the economy. He is with them!

March 22, 2013

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Christie wore the official badge of the AFL-CIO NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council (NJB&CTC) for the Today Show and the cover of Time Magazine last January.   For a close up of the badge, look at the upper left-hand corner of    Note the hardhat with the letters “NJB&CTC” sitting on top of New Jersey.    This is no coincidence.    Christie’s highly paid consultants knew exactly what they were doing when that had him put that badge on before going on TV and doing the photo shoot.   Newly initiated gang members conspicuously wear the “colors” of their new gang to prove their loyalty and win acceptance.   To see how the unions bragged about this, click:  Do it quick before they take down that embarrasing post!

A few weeks later, legislators backed by those same unions introduced new laws to make it even harder for non-union construction companies to get work in New Jersey.  When Christie kept quiet about this, many thought Christie is about to break his campaign promise on this issue.

This week, the Bergen County Improvement Authority agreed to borrow $400 million the “American Dream” Meadowlands projects that would only benefit big union contractors.   And well connected lawyers and bond traders–like Christie’s wife and brother.

Meanwhile, the bankrupt Revel Casino informed the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission that it plans to borrow even more money by hocking $70 million of future state tax breaks it should have lost because of the bankruptcy.   The Revel borrowed and spent $2.4 billion in the last two years–enough to buy 120 Trump Plaza casino hotels!    The Revel Project did nothing for the economy other than to give a year of big salaries with lots of overtime to a few thousand union construction workers–and let them collect maximum unemployment benefits of $550 per week for 99 weeks so they could keep paying their union dues.

There are also reports that the pension funds of several construction worker unions and NJ public employees invested heavily in the Revel project, and that more bailouts of the Revel are really bailouts of those pension funds.

Last week, the Christie campaign put out flyers bragging that Christie “cut taxes” with “$2.35 Billion in Tax Relief for New Jersey’s Job Creators.”   That is Christie-speak for giving $2.35 billion of tax breaks to insiders like the Revel Casino, while raising property taxes, tolls, and hidden taxes on electric bills for everyone else.

Finally, the Christie-Sweeney mafia is giving the Atlantic City Airport to the New York-New Jersey Port Authority.   Atlantic City Airport is one of the best run, lowest cost airports in the country.    The Port Authority is one of the most mismanaged and expensive agency  in the country.   It took 12 years to rebuild the World Trade Center, and hiked Lincoln and Holland Tunnel tolls to $13.

Spirit Airlines got started as a budget airline when locals ran the airport, and costs to the airlines and the public were the lowest in the nation.

Spirit Airlines could never get started if it had to deal with the NY-NJ Port Authority with its high costs and pay to play politics.

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