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The real “Christie Record”: Democrat Corzine crippled NJ’s economy. Then Republican Christie made it even worse.

March 18, 2013

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I spent two days at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) near Washington, D.C.  last week.

I didn’t see any speeches, or attend any dinners.  I spent the whole time meeting and greeting people and handing out hundreds of my flyers.

The second day I was there, two students started handing out newly printed Chris Christie campaign literature called the “Christie Record”.   It distorted the facts.  It did not even state the name and address of the committee that paid for it as required by New Jersey Election Law.

Compare the Christie’s campaign literature with the truth:

CHRISTIE CUT SPENDING?    WRONG!   Christie increased Corzine’s spending by 17%.   Corzine’s last 2010 budget was $29 billion.    Christie’s proposed 2013 budget is $34 billion, an increase of $5 billion or 17%.   (Christie never compares his budget with Corzine’s last budget.  He instead compares it with the Corzine’s 2008 budget which was bloated with federal stimulus money.)

CHRISTIE CUT TAXES?   WRONG!   Christie did not cut any taxes.    He blames this on the Democrats, but forgets to mention that nobody can cut taxes because Christie never cut spending.

But if you read the fine print, Christie says he “Gave $2.35 Billion in Tax Relief for New Jersey’s Job Creators”.    That means Christie gave “pay to play” tax breaks to a handful of insiders like the Revel Casino.    The insiders paid no taxes, while everybody else pays the difference.

CAPPED PROPERTY TAXES?   YES, BUT PROPERTY TAXES ARE WAY TOO HIGH AND NEED TO COME DOWN.   Homeowners and businesses can’t afford ANY increases, because property taxes almost doubled in the previous ten years under Republicans and Democrats.     We need to renegotiate union contracts, repudiate debt, and cap pensions at $50,000 per year to bring taxes down.

REFORMED PENSIONS AND BENEFITS?   WRONG!   The New Jersey Pension funds have only half of what they need to pay what they promise.   The unfunded pension debt is now $47.2 billion—bigger than when the Christie made his deal with Democrat Senate President Sweeney.  And to make things worse, those numbers assume the pension funds will earn 7.95% per year, when they are in fact only earning 2.5%.   And some pension funds are invested in shaky real estate deals like the Revel Casino.

CUT GOVERNMENT:   YES, BUT. . . Christie’s flyer says he cut 5,200 employees  (At his “Town Hall” meeting in Montville, Christie claimed he cut 14,000 state jobs.)    But the state is still paying  the same $27.2 billion in salaries.   That means we are paying the same amount for fewer employees.   And, and since almost all of those employees retired, we also draining the already insolvent pension funds. See  for details.

Please download the nominating petition on this website, and read the instructions on the blog.   Please bring me 10 to 20 signatures of registered voters by March 26.   I need 1,000 signatures by March 27 to be on the June 4 Primary Election ballot.   Thanks.

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