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Christie’s “smart” politics: Republican towns get more debt and higher property taxes. Democrat big cities get more cash.

March 17, 2013

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At the almost all white  “Town Hall” meeting in Montville, Chris Christie blamed Democrats for not letting him cut taxes.  Christie said that Democrats picked the State Supreme Court that forced him to give hundreds of millions of state tax dollars to big city schools.

But at the mostly black “Town Hall” meeting in Paterson two weeks later,  Christie bashed Republicans.   He said his Republican running mates complained that Christie spent too much time campaigning in Democrat towns like Patterson.

Christie also agreed with Obama that Republicans in Congress were not cooperating because they had “gerrymandered” districts and were playing up to “extreme elements”.   Christie bragged how he was spending even more state tax money in Patterson.

One day later, at the Morristown Tea Party meeting in Whippany,  someone told me that Christie was a “smart” to do this.

I strongly disagree.    Previous Republican governors Tom Kean and Christie Todd Whitman both did the same thing.   To prove that they were kinder and gentler Republicans, they both gave us massive tax hikes and more debt to spend more money in Democrat run cities like Paterson.

But crime and other problems got even worse there.   Blacks voted Democrat in even bigger numbers.    And in just 20 years, New Jersey changed from a “red” state to a “swing” state to the “blue” state it is today.

Why?   For 50 years, Democrats convinced most black voters (and more and more whites)  voters that the  “system” is so stacked against them, that only the government can give them a comfortable life.

And so now most black voters (and more and more whites)  think that everyone, even those without education or skills, are  “entitled” to a good paying job that is directly or indirectly paid for by the government.  It means that the government (that is somebody else) must pay for all or part of  the cost of their their schools, their houses, their food, their electric, their health care, and their cell phones.

Black voters are not stupid.   They know that most Democrats think this way, while most Republicans don’t.   They know most Republicans resent the high taxes and government debt that pay for all this.    This is why Christie repeatedly went out of his way to explain that he was different from most other Republicans.

Most blacks political leaders know that if blacks evenly split their votes between Republicans and Democrats, they would have less voting power and the government money that keeps them in power would dry up.   And so Paterson votes 17,000 to 2,000 for Democrats,.

As long as “smart” Republicans like Christie join with Democrats to burden businesses, small towns, and suburbs with more taxes and debt to bail out corrupt and mismanaged cities like Paterson,  the cities will get even worse, more businesses will fail, and the small towns and suburbs will fall apart.   When that happens, people depend on the government for everything and vote Democrat to get better government benefits.

Thanks to high taxes, high electric bills, complicated laws for most people, and special deals for a few,  Wheaton Industries, Lenox China, the GM and Ford assembly plants,  and Ocean Spray Cranberry are already gone.   Casinos that cost $400 million to build are already selling for $20 million.  Every month, more and more businesses fail.   We are about to lose the big drug companies like Johnson and Johnson.

It’s time for Republicans to try something different.   Let’s reject Christie’s “smart” politics that already lost elections in 2011 and 2012.   (Christie’s close friend Republican Joe Kyrillos got only 39% running against Bob Menendez, a weak Democrat, last November).

Let’s Restore Republican Principles.   Let’s repudiate unconstitutional debt and cut spending, so we can cut taxes for everyone.   Let’s stop padding electric bills with hidden taxes.    Let’s make laws fair and simple and apply them equally to everyone so that everyone—not just insiders—can get permits to build and start new businesses.

And let’s have Republicans use “Town Hall” meetings to explain how most blacks–as well as most whites—had better jobs, lower taxes, and safer and more comfortable lives New Jersey was run that way.

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