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If more Tea Party meetings were as open and productive as the Morristown Tea Party meeting in Whippany last night, I would have have my 1,000 signatures by now.

March 14, 2013

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Very few people knew anything about me when I arrived.    But when I carefully explained who I was, why I was running, and why it was so important for Tea Party conservatives to be aware of and active in June Primary elections, I got a very enthusiastic response.    Some of those present had been at Governor Christie’s “Town Hall” meeting at Montville, and completely agreed with me when I went through details of how Christie completely misrepresented his record, and used the “Town Hall” format to avoid any real discussion of any serious issues.   At the end of the meeting, almost everyone signed my nominating petition, and several volunteered to get more signatures on their own.

To me, it is so obvious that we “Tea Party” conservatives have little or no respect from the Governor Christie or any of the Republican leaders in New Jersey.     We will never get any respect until we “whack” one or two of them by having a “Tea Party” conservative defeat them in an election.    To me, it is obvious that the only way to do this is a low turnout June primary election, which “low information voters” don’t vote in because the don’t have enough information to know about them.  In June primary elections which don’t have “low information voters”, each of us has 20 times the voting power we have in November.

So during the critical months of January, February, and March, why were the agendas of so many Tea Party meetings so crowded that there was not even fifteen minutes to let me speak about the importance of the June Primary Elections?    The deadline for candidates to file petitions is April 1.   Now is the time for candidates to not only file, but to negotiate alliances, bracketed tickets, etc.

What is the point of talking for hours about nullification, Agenda 21, green energy scams, the indoctrination of our kids in public schools and colleges, etc. if every letter and email we send to our elected officials about these topics is immediately trashed or deleted?   Wouldn’t just 15 minutes talking about how we can whack one of those officials in a June Primary Election do more to get us and our views on those issues taken seriously?

I still have roughly 10 days to gather signatures to get on the ballot and challenge Governor Christie in the June Primary Elections.    Please contact me if you can help me in any way.   Thanks.

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