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TV and newspapers ignored my my plan to cut debt and save pensions. And Christie’s trashing of other Repubicans!

March 12, 2013

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Reporters from the Newark Star Ledger, Bergen Record, and three TV crews all got my press release and interviewed me when I got to Christie’s “Town Hall” meeting in Paterson this morning.

I got a very friendly reception from those who attended as I introduced myself and handed out my flyers.   The Governor’s staff did not try to stop me, although the main meeting room was already filled by the time I finished the interviews, and I only handed out literature outside and in the overflow room downstairs.

I delivered a simple message.    High taxes are killing the economy.   Although Christie iblames Democrats for not cutting taxes, the truth is that Christie can’t cut taxes because he increase spending from $29 billion under Corzine to $34 billion today, a 17% increase.

I also said that the pension funds are more insolvent now than when Christie joined with Democrats to “fix” the system two years ago.  And that the only real solution to the pension mess is to declare the pension system  to be an insolvent Ponzi scheme, and cap all pensions at $50,000 until the funds are solvent again.

Unfortunately, it appears that none of the newspapers or TV stations used anything I said.

The media also didn’t report a lot of things that Christie said.   In a long prepared answer to an obviously planted question, Christie repeated the Obama slander that the Republican House of Representatives is not cooperating with Obama because it is  “gerrymandered”, represents extremists,  and does not know how to compromise with Democrats like he does.    Christie said that because Democrats control both houses of the New Jersey state legislature, he meets with Democrat Senate President Sweeney during every session and knows how to compromise.   (He didn’t show any interest in trying to win a Republican majority in the Legislature, and seemed very comfortable with the way things are now.)

Christie also trashed his Republican running mates in the 2009 election for State Legislature and county offices.    He said these Republicans did not want to waste their time campaigning in towns like Paterson.    (Does Christie understand how much damage he does to other Republicans when he says stuff like that?   Does he care?)

And, of course Christie defended his sharp attacks on Republican Congress members who are trying to control spending—and his gushing praise of Obama one week  before last year’s election.

The Associate Press also put an interesting spin on the Fairleigh Dickenson poll numbers today.    In the last three weeks, Christie’s approval rating fell from 74% on February 20, to 66%–a drop of eight points.

But not one mainstream news story referred to this significant drop in the polls.   The Associated Press headline was “Christie’s popularity remains strong among New Jersey voters”.

But as Nietsche once said—“It is not where you are, but where you are going that counts”.   And Abraham Lincoln said you can only fool all of the people some of the time.

As more and more voters learn that Christie is killing the economy by spending 17% more than Corzine, refusing to stop the sharp decline in pension funds, and continuing to double the cost of electricity to pay for “green” energy and other social programs, support for Christie will keep going down.

If conservative Republicans don’t take action to vote Christie out in the June 4 Primary, “progressive” Democrats will remove him in November.

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