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The Emperor has no clothes! See for yourself in Paterson tomorrow.

March 11, 2013

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Meet me at Chris Christie’s next “Town Hall” meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M. Doors open at 10:15 A.M.

Christie rigs his “Town Hall” meetings to avoid any serious discussion or debate on issues that matter.

Five years ago, Corzine held his “Town Hall” meetings in public buildings.    Now, Christie holds them only in privately owned churches,  Jewish Centers, and office  buildings.

When I tried to hand out a list of facts and suggested questions at Christie’s last “Town Hall” meeting at Montville, Jeanne Ashton, his “Director of Constitutent Services”  instructed the local Montville police to stop me.  She told the local police that Christie’s “Town Hall” meetings are “private meetings on private property”, and that “political” literature is not permitted.

Christie also changed the format so that he chooses the people who are allowed to ask a question.  At Montville, Christie only chose people who lobbed him softballs—including an 8 year old girl who asked, “What do you like most about being Governor?”.

At Montville, Christie bragged that this year’s $34 billion state budget is less than Corzine’s 2008 budget.   Christie did not mention that Corzine’s 2008 budget was pumped up with stimulus money from Washington.    Corzine’s final 2010 budget was only $29 billion—far less than the $34 billion Christie is now spending.   And that doesn’t include the billions of dollars Christie borrowed, and will pay back with big tax hikes in the near future.

Christie said he fixed the state pension system.    But last week, Bloomberg reported that NJ pension funds are short $47.2 billion, and can only pay 64.4% of what they promise.   Even worse, this study assumes the funds will earn 7.95% per year, when they are in fact earning only 2.5%.   And a lot of pension money is in risky real estate deals like the bankrupt Revel Casino.

Christie blames the Democrat majority in the Legislature for  high taxes caused by double dip pensions and extra cash for unused sick time.   But Christie didn’t say a word about this in 2011 when all those Democrats were up for election.    Many of his handpicked Republican candidates—included his Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno were doing the same thing.   This is why Christie’s hand-picked Republican candidates had zero credibility, and  didn’t  pick up a single seat in the Legislature in 2011.  They lost ground instead.

Christie also blamed the NJ  Supreme Court for a lot of problems, and blamed Democrats for picking bad judges.   But Christie never nominated smart, conservative judges like Andrew Napolitano.   He instead picked “diversity” judges with no track record or commitment to the Constitution.   Christie appointed  the “first gay” , the the “first Asian”, etc.

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