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Just got Chris Christie’s email with the four big lies. Please forward the truth to your friends.

February 25, 2013

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Lie #1:  “Just created 103,000 private sector jobs since taking office”

But how many jobs did Christie kill  with high taxes and electric bills?   (Think Ocean Spray Cranberry).  How many jobs disappear when the borrowed money runs out and the projects fail?   (Think Revel Casino, Red Bull Stadium, Xanadu, etc.)

Lie #2:   “Passed three balanced budgets without raising taxes”.   What about the  $600 million hidden tax hike on electric bills?   What about the real estate tax hikes when Christie cut rebates and income tax and utility reimbursements to suburban towns?    What about the billions he borrowed?   And the pension funds he stiffed?

Lie #3:  “Saved taxpayers $120 billion through honest pension reform.”    Christie’s “reform” let insiders and double-dippers retire early and get far more than they ever paid in.  Meanwhile younger workers now pay a lot more for pensions that will be gone before they retire.   Even worse, more than a billion  pension fund dollars are in shaky real estate deals like the Revel Casino.

Lie #4:  “Cut hundreds of millions of wasteful spending.”   Christie’s 2013 budget is 7% higher than Corzine’s last budget!

Please make a small donation of just $20 so I can hit $5,000.   Then I can start a real campaign to tell the truth about Christie’s lies.  Please go to

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