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8th Principle – Enforce immigration laws. Teach and encourage legal immigrants to learn English, and understand and appreciate America’s culture of liberty and Constitutional government.

February 5, 2013

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a.     The new federal immigration laws sponsored by Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy were deliberately and cynically designed to change the political culture of America and give the Democratic Party a permanent majority.


b.     The 1986 Immigration Law gives preference to people from poor countries who were taught socialist,  anti-American doctrines since childhood.    More than a million immigrants are legally admitted each year.   Many of them them believe their native countries became poor because America robbed them of their wealth, and that they are entitled to get some of that wealth back.

c.      In the 1990’s, Democratic President Clinton stopped enforcing immigration laws and let roughly 20 million illegal foreigners from these same countries stay in this country.


d.      These legal and illegal immigrants are costing us far more than previous generations of immigrants who came to America only for our culture of liberty and opportunity.


e.      State and local police should enforce federal immigration laws.   Our colleges and public schools should  teach how a shared language and culture of  Constitutional liberty created the wealth of  our country.  We must warn them that  if America loses these things, we will soon have the poverty and violence of  the countries they came from.

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