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6th Principle – Cut the high price of insurance in New Jersey by getting rid of “fee shifting” laws that reward lawyers who bring bad cases by giving them big fees when they recover little or nothing for their clients

February 5, 2013

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a.     Get rid of “fee shifting” lawsuits that reward lawyers who take bad cases.    For two hundred years, lawyers rarely took bad cases because the  “American Rule”  made everyone pay for his or her own lawyer.   If lawyers took bad cases, they rarely got paid.   But now, New Jersey’s “fee shifting” laws let lawyers bring bad cases and collect big fees when their clients win almost nothing.


b.     Make it easy for out-of-state insurance companies to do business in New Jersey.


c.      Stop forcing people to pay for insurance coverage they don’t want.   Let consumers save money if they don’t want coverage for sex-change operations, drug rehab, abortions, or chiropractors.

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